Wing Night

Tonight I am taking my mom out to dinner to Wild Wings for her birthday! It is much needed mother/daughter time since I hadn’t really been home all weekend. Friday, I spent the night up in Elizabethton with my BFF. It was a perfect night and Saturday. Although I still feel a little empty inside after watching The Mockingjay Part 2. After the movie, I drove back home. There, I quickly showered and got dressed for part 2 of my Saturday. I picked up some friends and then drove to the Smoky’s Stadium for the light show. I am sitting there in the left exiting lane so I can turn left at the light. It is at a dead stop. I keep nervously looking behind me until a few cars pile up back there. The line isn’t moving. We are at a stand still. The intersection is getting blocked so when our light turns green…nothing happens.

So we’re just sitting there for a good 15 minutes when suddenly I hear something. I start looking around and when I look to the right of me there is this tractor trailer with it’s front all screwed up parked in the ditch. It had hit a car somewhere behind me. Suddenly, I don’t want to be there. So no Smoky’s Stadium lights for us. We ended up going to Gatlinburg and playing arcades. Well, Emberlin played arcades. After we were all done, we piled back into the car and I drove through the mountains to get home just in case the traffic was backed up going to 40.

I stayed over Elena’s for a bit until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was fun. It was after one in the morning before I laid down. Sunday morning, I gave up sleeping around 9, but stayed in bed until close to 10.

This weekend was the perfect weekend to be hiking. So that is what I did. My friend and I went to Grotto Falls. It wasn’t a long or hard hike. But the road to park at the trailhead was closed so we had to park at a different trailhead and then walk up the mountain to get there. It was great and perfect.


It was a great weekend filled with awesome people and fun times. I need more of that in my life. I may be beyond tired today, but it is worth it.

I just received disappointing news, but all is not lost. Hopefully there will be better news tomorrow. So keep your fingers crossed for me!


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