Bowling Night: #3

I am drinking an energy drink to power up for tonight. Personally, I think I am doing pretty freaking fantastic today considering I am running on less than four hours of sleep! Yay for fun, relaxing nights.

Part of me just wants to go home, get into my pajamas and crawl into bed. But the other part of me is very exciting about bowling!

And after bowling, I need to stop at the store to get a present for Dirty Santa tomorrow. I am thinking a six-pack of beer sprinkled with some prostitute cards from Las Vegas. Cause that will be interesting to see the face who ever opens that gift tomorrow with all the barely covered lady parts. Probably not work appropriate, but…I think it’ll be funny.

Now watch me chicken out.

I am so thankful tomorrow is Friday. I get to leave an hour early so I can go home and get ready for the work Christmas Party. This is going to be interesting. Last year I heard the guys got so drunk they were pissing off the balcony. Let’s see how this year’s party goes.

Then, the weekend is FINALLY here. This week has seemed to drag on slowly. It’s going to be a great weekend. Saturday I am going to go Downtown to the Farmer’s Market and maybe eat some crepes. Mmmmm….crepes. And then Sunday! Sunday is Star Wars before going to a birthday party for a five year old.

And then…suddenly and without warning (okay…there is plenty of warning) it is Christmas week. Three days of work and then four days off. My sister and her kids will arrive sometime Christmas Eve to Christmas Day. The week after that is the last week of 2015.

This year has been crazy and full of ups and downs. The beginning of the year mainly downs. The end…lots of ups. And I am actually pretty excited to see what the next year brings.


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