Parties and Star Wars

I have this contract open and ready to sign to make an offer on a house. Before I hit send, I have to take a deep breath and remember no matter what happens, everything will work out. Right?

And I just signed.

I made my first ever offer to buy a home. I don’t know if I feel relieved or nervous or happy.

Instead of thinking about it… I am going to try and distract myself. Today at work has been busy, which has made today fly by. I love days that fly by. Let me tell you, I am ready for tonight. I am planning on going home, getting into comfy clothes, doing laundry, and just relaxing tonight. This past weekend I had an absolute blast.


Friday night was my work’s Christmas Party. And it was awesome. The food was spectacular. The view was even better. It was at Club LeConte in the First Tennessee Building downtown. The worst part was the elevator ride. Riding that to the 26th floor made my ears hurt.

Saturday I looked at the house again with my mom and instead of saying: what the hell are you thinking wanting to buy this? My mom has now started calling it my house. I spent Saturday afternoon walking around downtown at the Farmer’s Market and Holiday Market. I finally ate at the crepe place downtown and let me tell you it is fantastic. We waited until the sun was going down so we could see the lights in the little park (which wasn’t that spectacular, but still fun) before leaving.

We were able to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens Sunday morning. It wasn’t crowded at 10 AM. It was great. We saw the 10:30 and the theater wasn’t jam packed. When we got out, it was packed with people waiting to see it. Then we get to the baby’s fifth birthday party. And Elena’s and mine present exchange.


Elena bought us “best fucking bitches” heart necklaces. So it is official, we complete each other.


I wrapped her gift inside a blanket gift. She was surprised and happy! Which made me so very happy! I kept a secret! It was so very hard not telling her what I bought her.

I am a very lucky girl.

Parties, Star Wars, walking around downtown and looking at fun stuff….and did I mention Star Wars. Which if you haven’t seen it….GO SEE IT!


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