Showers and Bugs

The waiting is the worst part.

I’m not sure what I am more worried about. Them accepting my offer or rejecting it. Either way, I know whatever happens is going to be okay. I am already looking at different places just in case online. But the waiting. I was never good at waiting.

This week is full of waiting. Waiting for the end of the work day. Waiting for news on the house. Waiting for the end of work tomorrow and tacos for dinner. Waiting for my sister and kids to arrive. Waiting for Christmas. Waiting to see what the weekend brings. Waiting…waiting…waiting. And in between all the waiting is the living. Because you can’t just spend your time waiting. You have to remember to live your life.

I am slowly catching up on work. I need to get through this stack of paperwork that came in the mail yesterday and then just work on the e-mails and mail that comes in today. It’s a good week so far. I feel great. Which is surprising with all the waiting going on.

My brain won’t stop turning on this house. I can calm it down with the loud music playing in my right ear, but still…I can picture where all my stuff can go. Decorating a house before you own it…that is my downfall. But I can see it all perfectly.

This morning I got up pretty easily and pushed myself through Piyo Buns. My legs were shaking halfway through it. My shower would have been wonderful except for the bug that joined me. It wasn’t until after my shower that my cat decided he was going to do something about it. The jerk. He’s slacking on his job of getting rid of the bugs. What is it about bugs in the shower?

See what I did there?

I tried to distract me from all the waiting. Let’s see if it worked.


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