Happy Christmas Eve Eve

Last night I felt so special and loved. Not only did I get spoiled over at my BFF’s house with presents, I came home and found a New Year’s gift from my mom.


It is a new journal for the next year. And oh it is so pretty and wonderful. I already made the “title page” for it. 2016: the year of 30. And started January 1st I shall be keeping track of this epic year.

This week is a great one and it’s only half way through it. I am hoping to be able to leave early today. My sister and her kids should be arriving around four today. After I made dinner plans tonight she texted me letting me know she would be arriving today instead of tomorrow.

screenshot_2015-12-22-19-08-14.pngThis was my night last night. Lounging around the couch with two dogs laying on me.

Sometimes I feel like this is all a dream. I have been so unhappy for such a long time, it seems strange to actually be able to wake up in the morning without the dread of what the day will bring. Leaving my old job was the best decision I have made in a long time. After that, everything else just seems to fall into place.

The bank made a stupid counter offer yesterday. This morning I countered with theirs. Because of their ridiculous counter, I doubt they are willing to come down to what I am wanting to pay. And that is okay. It just sucks because it would be really nice to get this place with my brother. It would be mutually beneficial. Since work is basically dead today, I have been looking at places. I found another condo I really like that is affordable for me. It’s pretty sweet actually. If it doesn’t work out with this house, I will see about looking at the condo. The only thing is, it would be too small for both PJ and myself. I have to remember to do what’s best for me and not feel guilty.

Easier said than done.

No matter what happens, it will be okay. I am not going to stress or worry about it. I have too many good things happening right now to be brought down by something as silly as house-hunting.



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