Back at it

Oh Monday mornings. It is going to be an interesting week. It has already been an interesting holiday weekend. Filled with fun and drama.


This is Christmas night playing Balderdash with the family. All in all, it has been a great weekend. Saturday we all went roller skating! It was the kids first time! Then we did 9 miles of Cades Cove. I am impressed with the girls.


Sunday, no one wanted to do anything. Despite it being close to 80 and sunny, it was a no go for hiking. So much that Jaiden pretended to throw up. In her defense, her throat was hurting her from the night before. So while everyone else sat around and went to the movies, I went hiking.


Which I am so glad I went because the water was roaring from all the rain we had over Christmas!

Now it is back to work. My co-worker turned in her notice and Thursday will be her last day. I am nervous about tomorrow when our boss gets back from vacation. I am also nervous to what my job will be until they hire someone.

But in a few days it will be 2016: the year of 30. And I am excited to see what the future brings!

Life is pretty outstanding!


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