Oh frak face!

So I made an offer on a house last week and after some back and forth countering they have accepted my offer! How is that even possible? I made an offer on a house and now suddenly it is starting to move forward. I really didn’t think this would happen.

I called my brother to let him know. He is so very excited and happy. I’m sure he was joking, but he said he was crying he was so happy and excited. Although, I am sure I would have been too if I wasn’t dead inside.


How am I going to make it these next few weeks? I am waiting to get the official contract to sign for the offer so everything is all official and stuff. And then I will have to find time to go to the bank and get the earnest money sent to them. Then the inspections and all that follows.

What the hell have I gotten myself into?

But I am buying a house. By the time I am 30 (if nothing falls through) I will be a home owner. How strange does that sound? I never though I would buy a house. Especially in Knoxville. And you can better believe I never though I would be buying a home to share with my brother! Life is a strange and wonderful adventure.

I am excited to see how Future Laura handles all of the fun stuff happening!


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