and now we wait

I signed the official new contract this morning about my house.

*takes deep breath*

At lunch today, I swung by the bank and purchased a cashiers check to mail the earnest money away. My bank account looks a little sad now. I also scheduled a home and termite inspection. Then there is the appraisal that will have to be done sometime in the future.

Man, Future Laura is gonna HATE me.

Today I have been looking at paint colors because Nathan reminded me today that I could paint whatever colors I wanted. That is just way too much power one person should have! I think I have three colors picked out for the living room, bathroom, and my bedroom. I know February 19th is a ways a way and I know it will be a roller coaster of the next few weeks, but damn, I am ready.

It still feels surreal. Jess went to look at my house this morning and it shows “under contract.” That under contract is me! I may be a home owner by the time I am 30! What the hell?

So many awesome things are happening. Tomorrow is the last day of 2015! I stated to type 2015 wasn’t a bad year, but then deleted it. Because let’s face it: up until a few months ago when I started this new job, 2015 was a bundle of shit. This coming year is going to be amazing. I can feel it. I turn 30. I am buying a house. I am going to do all sorts of fun stuff!

It is going to be outstanding.


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