Last day of 2015

According to the “Timehop” application on my phone, last year I brought the new year in drinking wine and updating my movie database.


How exciting!

This year will be different, but still filled with movies. I am going to be eating some home cooked chicken fried rice while having a movie-thon. The movies included are: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Ant-Man, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Of course, I am usually asleep before midnight and new years eve is no exception.

My mind needs to stop twirling around so fast. The last offer on the house was accepted and now it is official because the new contract is signed by both parties. Yesterday afternoon I sent everything over to the loan place to get that frak-fest started. I am just waiting on 2014 W2 since I couldn’t get it online from my old job. *takes a deep calming breath*

I have decided what will be my first new purchase for the house. A wampa rug to place in front of the fireplace! Thanks to Elena for that idea. February seems so far away, yet so close I can almost touch it. Waiting has never been my strong point, but the anticipation is going to make everything so sweet.


My Aunt Colleen (or second mom depending how you want to look at it) asked me yesterday if there was enough room for a dog house in the yard. I told her yes, but there are no dogs allowed. She replied with a: there are rules about no dogs? And my response was: yes…my rules!

Not that dogs aren’t cute. Look at this little fluff ball. But between my brother and I we have two cats. I am nervous enough about how my cat will react to having another cat in the house. And living with a six year old! He is such a a turd bucket. He spent the entire Christmas under my bed unless it was dark and quiet and everyone was sleeping.

Definitely time to take another deep breath and relax. Everything is going to turn out okay. I am excited to see what crazy fights my brother and I get into living together and how we handle it.


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