2016: Ready or Not

I am ready. Too late right? I better be ready cause it is here whether I am or not. Yesterday was a great way to begin 2016. I slept in (of course I feel asleep before midnight, but woke up about 12:19, so I didn’t miss bringing in the new year by much). Ate breakfast at my favorite bagel place down the street. Later that evening I saw Krampus! Finally! That may be my new favorite Christmas movie. I am glad I saw it in theaters.


Today I slept in – or slept as late as I could with Nelson chewing on my hair. I should probably work out since I am making manicotti for dinner tonight, but…I also may be going skating tonight so that will be my workout.

Before manicotti, I am going to look at  a house with the awesome Voyles. They are house hunting and have been for a while. Since my house offer was accepted they are even more ready to find their next home. And I cannot stop thinking about my own soon to be house. Now that is it really happening, I can’t help but be scared something will happen and it will fall through. I asked my Dad to come to the house Tuesday when the inspection is. *deep breath* I am going to try and remain calm and positive.

This is going to be my year. I turn 30 in almost two months! Although I am in control of myself, I am not in control of certain things going on. But I will not let that turn me into something I am not. I do not need to know the outcome of everything. The point in living is to take things a day at a time and see where your feet lead you.

It’s an exciting adventure!


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