Inspection Stress

My alarm went off at 5:45 this morning and despite my cat not wanting to let me leave the bed, I got up and worked out! I went into work early today so I could take a long lunch to finish the inspection since I was informed last night by the Realtor that I only had to be there for the ending.screenshot_2016-01-04-21-31-00.png

I tried not to panic during the inspection and I am actually a lot calmer now (despite the Monster drink I am sipping). Last night it hit me that this is all real. The part of me that is afraid of commitment (the 95% of me) is screaming run for the hills! Thankfully my good friend Elena calmed me down.

This morning was COLD! It went from 70 degree weather at Christmas to 30 degree



I am really excited about this house. I want it badly. I want the fireplace. I want my bedroom. The inspection was decent. There was a leak from (we assume) the dishwasher. Danielle’s mom’s boyfriend is a plumber so she is going to ask him to look at it.

Then the appraisal needs to happen. If that comes back with things that need to be fixed before the loan goes though, hopefully the seller will fix them. Because otherwise….it’s a lost cause. I don’t want to fix things in a house I do not own and can

potentially never own.


But look at the door to the porch from my bedroom. Can’t you just imagine Nelson laying there watching the birds? Well, if he isn’t too scared of an open door that is.


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