I have to remind myself (almost daily) that I do not have control over every part of my life. When I start getting anxious about things, I have to take a deep breath, slap myself over the head (not really), and tell myself stop worrying over things you have no control over.

It’s hard.

Especially when you are trying to buy a house and have to wait days to hear something back about plumbing issues. Even more so when you have no idea what the issues are and you just want to know! Waiting sucks. But again, take a deep breath, slap myself, and move along.

I had a great weekend. It wasn’t long enough, but they never are.


Saturday we went to AMSE. It was fun. Elena got shocked in the face pretty bad when she and Emberlin put her hand on the giant ball to make their hair stand up. I did not stick my hand on it. I do not like the feeling of static.

Yesterday was spent watching movies and skating. I finally watched Ender’s Game which I really liked. I wasn’t sure since it had bad reviews. It makes me want to read the book to see how much changed. I also finally watched The Martian and damn was that great! It was really intense in parts!

And now it is the start of a new week. That much closer to my house and birthday. I just felt the anxiety start to raise. No, Laura. Stop it! Whatever happens, happens. No need to worry about things out of your control.

Easier said than done.


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