How is it not Friday yet?

It’s only Tuesday.

This week is moving at a snails pace! But, the woman who stole my car the beginning of this year pleaded guilty yesterday so that is finally behind me.


Last night I had a blast at my friend’s house eating pizza and watching some Parks and Recreation. This day is dragging. But at least it is closer to 3 finally! I think what is making it drag is I am waiting to hear about the plumbing situation. I was told yesterday afternoon that it was approved and my inspection time has been extended until January 20th to figure out what is going on there. So Joe went over there about noon today to see what is going on. I left a message for the realtor with no response yet.

Waiting it hard.

So I drink an energy drink to help make this afternoon go a little faster. That’s how that works, right?

I didn’t want to get up and work out this morning, but I did! Upper body. It sucked hard. I probably didn’t need to get up since I am skating tonight and that counts as working out, but I still did. Tomorrow, I am sure, will be more of a challenge to get up. But I will do it! And then go to the dentist.

My old co-worked messaged me about the house and asked if I could come over and re-record the voicemail at work. I said I would come on Thursday during my lunch and now have lunch plans with another old co-worker there since I haven’t eaten lunch with her yet.

How did my life get so busy?

And so great?


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