46 Days to go

So many things to countdown to.

46 days until I turn 30.

32 days until I am a homeowner.


Just received word that the appraisal went through and there is nothing that needs to be fixed in order for the loan to go through. Now I have to wait patiently (or as patiently) as I can until I hear if it has been finalized. Which will happen the by the end of this week or the beginning of next.


More waiting.

This morning I talked with my sister’s ex about our 30th birthdays coming up. We had planned on doing a joint birthday party back when they were dating, and it seems that it will still be happening! Just in Tennessee instead of Myrtle Beach which works for me!

It has definitely been a Monday today. But a slow and steady one since mail and banks are closed today. Now to make it 6 more minutes until I can leave and go meet my mom for dinner at Wild Wings. It is out monthly date night of wings!

Life is freaking fantastic!

P.S.: Don’t you just love my new Weeping Angel I got over the weekend.


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