30 Days….turns into 45

This house will be the death of me. I was told yesterday that I should hear about final approval for this loan within a week. This morning I was e-mailed asking for more information. The newest bank statement (which wasn’t available yet – but I sent them the transactions from when they needed), and also my mom’s statement since she has “gifted” me money – which again isn’t available yet. Which I have told them that repeatedly.


So I went about my day and ignored the nagging feeling of waiting about this damned house.

And everyone is freaking about these 1-2 inches of snow they are calling for. My eye has started twitching this afternoon. And here comes the call from the realtor. And even better…more potentially bad news. But, that is okay. Because no matter what happens, it will work out the way it needs to work out. Turns out the IRS could claim the property as theirs until February 26th. So now the closing date needs to be moved until March 4th. Which is the date I had asked for since it is my 30th birthday.

Life is still freaking fantastic, I am just hungry.


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