Snow Day

I love the snow. I hate ice. Since it wasn’t icy, I made it to work yesterday. After the fifth time my boss told me I could leave whenever I wanted, I left work around 12:30. I spent the afternoon in my pajamas catching up on Supernatural, taking a bath and then laying in bed with Nelson watching Netflix.snapchat-3035054157032464099.jpg

It was nice.

This morning I took my time getting to work and now I have a slight headache. They finally turned on the heat which made the room smell awful.

I am waiting to hear back from my loan people about this new development with the house. Turns out there is a Federal Tax lien on the house meaning if the IRS claims the house, I may not get it. They have until February 26th to claim it. My loan person said the bank should pay the lien and it shouldn’t cause any issues for me.

We shall see.

I wish it was Friday already, but alas it is only Thursday. I didn’t get to make some chicken nachos last night so I am planning on making them tonight. Hopefully we won’t have to reschedule again. If we do, there is always this weekend.

I think I need some caffeine to make it through this day. I don’t know why I am so tired. Unless it’s because I actually got my lazy ass up this morning to work out and then did my ten thousand steps before leaving for work. That may have something to do with it. Maybe.

And now to play the waiting game again with this house. My favorite game.


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