39 Days

Last week during my “snow day” I caught up on Supernatural. I only had two episodes from last year to watch. The show started back up on Thursday so now I have another episode to watch. There just isn’t enough time in the day anymore. Which isn’t a bad thing.img_20160124_131306.jpg

Yesterday I met my friend at a gown place for her to try on wedding dresses. On the way there, I bought two energy drinks and drank one of them. It was fun. She picked out a beautiful dress. Thankfully I have a few months to go to David’s Bridal to try on and buy a bridesmaid dress…yay. I can’t complain. This will be my second wedding I am in in thirty years.

This past weekend was great. I was lazy (for the most part). Yesterday after the dress shopping, I was going to go skate, but the rink was jam packed. Line out the door, jam packed. So I ended up walking the Greenway. I am proud of myself. I walked to BestBuy and I spent less than sixteen dollars on two movies.

I will be so happy when this house thing is situated. Thirty-nine days from today.

It’s already the last week of January. Which is crazy. It seems like it was just starting. Hopefully February will move as quickly. Looking at my little printed off calendar for the month, I can see why it went so fast. Almost every day of the week I had something going on. And I’m not tired or cranky! Well, I am tired, but I’m always tired.


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