Rainy Days

I look out the window from the 10th floor of my building and all I see is mist of rain. I assume it’s rain, at least.  It makes me want to get into my pajamas and lay around the house catching up on TV shows or finally reading some books that are collecting dust.  Instead, I am sitting at my desk at work listening to an audio book and processing paperwork wishing I had some sort of snack. Other than my carrots and ranch dressing I just ate. Some kind of unhealthy snack.

At least I am going skating tonight. Maybe that will wake me up and wear me out to get a good nights sleep tonight. Last night I woke up at 3 am ready to go. Thankfully it only took thirty minutes for me to get back to sleep.

This past hour has been dragging. I just looked at the time and it isn’t even four yet! It should be at least four, if not five! The bruise on my knee is finally gone. Maybe tonight I won’t fall like I did two weeks ago!

I have little patience for people, I discovered. I just received another e-mail from the loan people. I swear, I am having the have the same conversation every week with these people. I either need a snack or a nap. Or both.


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