Don’t Blink

This day has moved at a snails pace. And it isn’t even Thursday! What the hell, Wednesday? What are you doing to me?

But, it is almost time for me to leave. Last night I spent a couple hours skating and just having fun. I actually raced. I never race. Or at least I haven’t since middle school when we went skating all the time. And even then, I don’t remember ever racing. I’m sure I did though. But now, nope! But I was talked into it. I would have won too if it hadn’t been for the wall. I kind of ran into it a little because I was going too fast around the last corner. It was pretty funny actually.

And so after lunch today I was unmotivated and played with my little Weeping Angel. I snapped the three pictures featured above to everyone. A little afternoon pick-me-up. My brother snapped me back of him being scared to blink. Same with Jess. It was great.

And now I sit here, butt slowly going numb from sitting, watching the time tick slowly by as I itch to turn off my little space heater and run out the door. I am eating sushi tonight. And possibly arranging a lot of DVDs into some kind of manageable order. That may not sound fun for some people, but for me…that is my heaven. Of course, I could just end up curling up and passing out. Either way, it’ll be a good night!


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