Who said you’re not important?

Finally Friday has arrived and in 5 weeks from today, I will be 30…and hopefully a homeowner. No point in dwelling on the house since I won’t know if I will have it until after February 26th. No matter what happens, I will still be celebrating my 30th birthday in 5 weeks. How exciting is that?

I think I need a break from Dexter. I am almost through with season 6. It seems like just the other day I started watching this and now I am almost seven seasons into it. I think it was a month ago, so that is something at least.

So far today as gone by pretty quickly. It just needs to speed up a little more. I don’t know what I am more excited about…hiking or sleeping past six in the morning tomorrow. I am thinking about getting up and getting a work out in before heading out…but that seems like a lot of work. And stupid since I am hiking…



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