24 Days…

I can make it another twenty-four days, right? That is when I will find out about the house. I can make it!

After work yesterday was BUSY. I ended up with over 18 thousand steps by the time I crawled into bed. Yay for errands and being an adult. I went to the mall and go the perfect gift for my friend’s birthday Thursday before going grocery shopping and getting gas. By the time I got home, it was after 7 and I was starving. So I made me some quick little wraps (so delicious) and ate them while I put away the groceries and made lunch for today. I know, my life is so exciting. Followed that up with preparing the chicken for chicken nachos tomorrow night. *stomach growls* I love me some chicken nachos.

Despite not sleeping well (again), I got up and worked out. I blame Nelson for last night.Z He kept wanting to sleep on my face.

I am listening to the Lunar Chronicles on audio books in preparation for Winter being available to me any day now. It makes me want to be a cyborg with secret compartments in my leg or something.

That would be kinda cool possibly.


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