“Angry people are not always wise.”

The system I use to process the paperwork and loads for work is down. It went down yesterday around 5. At least, I cannot set the carrier to pay or bill the customer because of this malfunction. Great. So now I am going through the paperwork and marking the ones I have imaged into the system so I can go back later when everything is working properly to finish processing. More work for me! Gotta love days like today.

I just need to make it until 5:30 and then I am free. I can do it! And then skating tonight. I think I am going to rent some skates to try out. That way I will know if I can actually skate in them and then future Laura can buy some skates for possibly trying out for the roller derby.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. I think I am going to get some Hibachi Factory for dinner tomorrow and pick up the ingredients for a Kool Aid Pie. I have been craving that diabetics worst nightmare for a while now. Then, I shall make the blasted thing before eating my dinner while hermitting. It sounds like a perfect night before going pottery painting with Jamie.

Just need to make it through today! I can totally do that!


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