Monday, you struck again

Although I am tired today, I feel like I am more awake than I should be for getting home about midnight last night. I did sleep in until almost 7 this morning, so that’s something. And I still got more sleep last night than I did Saturday night. I stayed up ’til close to 2 am reading Winter.


With this guy cuddling on me.

I didn’t get to read yesterday, but that’s okay. I made it about half-way through the book img_20160206_232938.jpgSaturday night. Tonight, I shall get through another couple hundred pages if all goes as planned.

I am trying not to think about the house. But that doesn’t keep me from dreaming about it at night. I don’t want to wish my life away, but seriously, it would be nice if it was the 26th and I knew if the government was going to stake a claim to it. No news is good news at this point. It’s just hard being patient and waiting.

So I shall keep my mind occupied with Netflix, books, skating, and all the fun things!

And keep on getting my work done at work. Whatever happens, happens. Best not to stress over things you cannot control!

I have to remember to pick up the mug I painted with Jamie on Saturday. So this Saturday I shall go back and pick the blasted thing up. And hope that the Cheshire cat came out decently. I am not an artist…no matter how hard I want to be.


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