“The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.”

This week has been brutal. Just a crazy week so far at work. Monday after work, I stayed up til just before midnight finishing Winter. I haven’t started the other book I got from the library yet. One, I didn’t feel like reading last night. And two, I didn’t feel like getting sucked into another book so soon after reading Winter.

My best buds bought their new house today! Squee! I am going over there after work to see it! I am so excited and happy for them! And also a little jealous because I am still not sure about mine. Hopefully, I will find out two weeks from tomorrow whether I get it or not. And then three weeks from Friday, is my closing date.


I can make it right?

Tuesday I traded my chair in for one of those stupid ball things. Since I have done that, I have not fallen on my face or ass! Yay for me!

We’ll see how long it lasts. So far I like it more. I didn’t sit on my chair right to begin with. This is a little easier to twitch and fidget on as well.

Someone brought it little bunt cakes for the ladies in accounting. We have no idea who they are from as the cards just say “From: Axle Logistics.” So it has to be someone from here, but we don’t know who. My co-worker ate some of hers a little while ago. She said it was fresh and tasty. As I sit across from her eating my carrots…

Just a little over an hour until I get to leave. I am ready! I am also ready to be leaving tomorrow after work! I bought Spectre last night and I am going to watch it tomorrow night after going to a couple stores and getting dinner. I cannot wait!


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