Finally Freaking Friday

This week has been a week from hell. It has just been non-stop at work. The only good thing about this week is friends, skating, and Netflix. I have been watching Skins at work. It has really helped get my shit done.

…and attempt to get my mind of this bloody house.

I will know (hopefully) around this time next week whether or not I am able to get it. And then in 14 days (on my 30th birthday) I shall be buying the stupid thing.

I think I started Skins on Tuesday? And I am already on season four. I am watching it as I type this…and drink a beer. A crap beer, but a beer non-the-less. Yay for the guys breaking their record for the week.

Tonight I will be seeing Deadpool! I am excited! And then if the weather is nice, hiking tomorrow. And next weekend I get to see Jess! Yay! I haven’t seen her since December! Thank the stars I get to see her!

Life is good.


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