Seven Psychopaths

I went to McKay’s Sunday in search of Seven Psychopaths and was not disappointed. I ended up getting another six movies while I was there. I just watched it with my dad. His being the first time watching it. I remember how much I enjoyed it. Of course I’ll be watching it again probably this weekend or next week with Nate since he hasn’t seen it either.

Saturday I went hiking…


…and was it a beautiful day for it or what?

Now starts another week. The last full week of February and hopefully I will know one way or another about my house this weekend. After speaking with the realtor, I doubt it. Ugh. But my appointment for closing is at 10 am on my birthday! That should give me enough time to do that, get my license changed, possibly see a movie since I have a free ticket to use on my birthday, and probably go out to eat with the family. Then slowly moving what I can over.

I am trying not to freak out. That is my motto. Breathe and don’t freak out.


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