What Now?

As I left for work this morning, I was surrounded by a huge sense of limbo. This is my life. I woke up this morning, although I didn’t get up and work out, I did make myself get out of bed at 6:30. Bathroom, coffee, Netflix, steps. Seven hit and slowly made my way to make my lunch for the day. Finished coffee, brush teeth, get ready for work, steps. And as I actually left the house, it felt like I have done it all before time and time again. Which is true, it happened every morning Monday through Friday when I work. And on the drive to work, I started thinking what my morning routine will look like in a couple weeks when I own my own home.

Will I have the same routine? Will it vary?

My brother texted me the other morning staying how we are going to be a team. Probably if anyone else told me that, I would have been like, nope, no thanks. But it’s my brother. We’re already a team. It’s just we’ll be living together now.

Last night I went skating. It’s freeing to skate. Sometimes Nate and I talk about random things. Sometimes its just dodging kids and silence. Tonight I am going over to my  friend’s house to hang out and I cannot wait. I miss their faces. I know I saw them a week ago today, but for some reason, it feels like ages.

And then Friday night I am driving up to Johnson City to see a movie with my BFF. I haven’t seen her since December. I blame this stupid house. But now I have the closing costs and everything needed for next Friday. So Friday night and Saturday will be our night!

So I’m not in limbo. I am just waiting…and living my life as I wait. And every time this limbo feeling comes crawling over me, I just need to remind myself I am not in limbo. I may have a routine going, but that doesn’t mean I am sitting still. Constantly moving. Hopefully forward.


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