3 Days and Counting

It has been a crazy week so far and it’s only Tuesday. Hell, it’s been a crazy couple weeks! Between work and this house….which is officially mine on Friday! FINALLY! Sunday night I officially picked the colors I’m going to paint. Part of me is like, do I really want to? And the other part of me is like: shut the f up, girl! Of course you do!


Today at lunch I voted! Yay! I hope you did too!

Tomorrow at lunch I have to go get my electricity turned on for Friday. Tomorrow night I’m making manicotti! Thursday I’m taking my lunch at 4:30 so I can do a final walk through of the house at 5 before adult skating! Then it is Friday. My 30th birthday and closing day!

If I survive this week, I can survive anything! I am super excited to move in with my brother and niece! It’s going to be an adventure! The last time I lived with someone it was horrible. But he didn’t like me too much.


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