“Oh yeah, what did you ever win? A pie eating contest? “Best digestion?”

I still can’t believe I own a house! I cannot wait until Saturday when I get all my crap moved in and situated! Tonight will be the first night since Friday that I won’t be working on my house. Tonight I am going skating!

I still have so much work to catch up on. Yesterday I caught up until Monday morning e-mails. Today I am working on Monday’s e-mails and paperwork mailed in. And all I can think about is where I can find those stupid closet rods so I can finally hang up my clothes. My closet is starting to make my eyes twitch. But that is tomorrow’s problem.

Saturday night I ripped the door nob off the garage door and had to go buy a replacement. Sunday night I couldn’t open a liquid dial soap. Sometimes I wonder about myself.

Last night I cooked my very first dinner at my house. Mushroom ravioli! It was tasty!

My brain is going a mile a minute and I am turning into a crazy person…not that I wasn’t before.


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