Friday night I woke up to what I thought was my cat playing. I noticed my bedroom door shut, so I got up to open it in case he needed to go out to get to the kitty litter. After I opened the door, the cat rubbed his body on my me a cat hug. I tensed…this wasn’t my cat. Everything looks black in the dark. I reached down to pet it and noticed the collar and focused a little more. It was my brother’s cat Orcus. A little while later, I hear growling from under my bed. Nelson is not happy. By Saturday night though, Nelson stopped hiding and wandered out. Now I’m watching as Nelson walks around and Orcus follows him. Sometimes they growl/hiss at each other.

It has been a great weekend so far. Yesterday I set up the charcoal grill my aunt got me and then in the afternoon once Elena was here, we fired that bad boy up and grilled some meat!


It was a great day.

Tonight I am having the parents over to eat dinner. I am going to make this pork stuffed concoction. Maybe with a little kale chips and something else. I haven’t decided. They haven’t been over since it was painted and everything moved in.

Life is good.


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