Today is Second Monday

Last night I ended up scaring Nelson so bad he jumped about a foot in the air. It was great. He then treated me to about 15 minutes of cuddling and nibbling on my fingers when I stopped petting him. Cats are weird man.

Today is another crazy day. It may be Tuesday, but I think it’s just another Monday in disguise. So far it’s a decent week outside work. Mom and I ate dinner at Wild Wings last night. Tonight heading to my friends after work.

This past weekend was great. I got new hiking boots and my toes aren’t angry with me!


Hiked up Chimney Tops again. And then followed that up with a little Laurel Falls action because there was a parking spot!


Today at lunch I got probably a chapter away from finishing the newest Susan Elizabeth Phillips books entitled Heros are my Weakness. And damned if it isn’t hilarious, like all her books. Despite it being about a ventriloquist, I am still enjoying it!


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