Ready for an Adventure

Tomorrow will be my first ever backpacking trip and I am beyond excited. And tired. And cranky because I am tired. Yay! I also think it’s because stupid people. One of the guys at work transferred a guy over to me because he was being a dick and got tired of talking to him. By the end of the conversation, the guy was very nice and kind of respectful. Laura = 1. Random person = 0.

The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend. Despite it being rainy today. This rain makes me want to nap. I have about 40 minutes of work left (I worked through lunch to be able to leave early) before meeting my parents at the house and heading out for the weekend.

I can’t believe April is almost over. Just one more week and then it will be May. Maybe that is why I am in a funk. I know May is coming up and I always get even more withdrawn than normal around this time. I start daydreaming about what could be and what might have been. Which is slightly depressing and heartbreaking. Because no matter how many times I wish things to be different, they aren’t.

This time last year I was a wreck. I was barely hanging on. I had a job that was making me miserable, getting ready to move back into my parents because I was too lazy to find a new apartment, finally replaced my car that was stolen only to have the license plate on the brand new car get stolen. Now I am seven months into a new career path with things finally looking up. And I am sitting here cranky and tired because my brain won’t stop with all the possible ways to trip me up.

I probably am watching too much TV shows on Hulu. Stupid free trial. Well, I will get a break from all those distractions this weekend! That makes me happy.


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