First Time Backpacking!


Shady Valley, TN to Damascus, VA! Twenty-one miles in two days accomplished! With a 21 pound bag on my back! Yesterday I was feeling it the moment I got off the trail. Today, other than the tops of my feet hurting, I am doing pretty wonderfully. I think I tied my boots too tight the first day.


Everyone was pretty rough by the end of the day Sunday. My parents and their friend planned a 5 day hike in Georgia, but are changing things up after this weekend. The part they wanted to do in Georgia is a very hard stretch. I am even more excited about backpacking with my BFF the end of next month.


I slept in my hammock Saturday night and felt frozen. Even my mummy sleeping bag didn’t keep my toes from being cold. If I had to do it again….I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe add something else to my feet (two socks didn’t cut it).

Now I am back at work and training the new girl we hired. I am officially the manager over the accounts payable department. Look at me being all fancy… Just another hour and a half and then I shall be heading home and possibly going through my camera pictures. And maybe eating a pizza… decisions, decisions….



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