Old Habits

Last week I planned on picking up a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake for Nathan on the way back from camping yesterday. I automatically told him to let me know what kind to get. He’s all: you can’t go wrong with a DQ ice cream cake. And I’m all: no, seriously, let me know. And he explained how they are basically all the same and they are all fantastic and I literally cannot go wrong. And it hit me, I was preparing myself to get yelled at for picking out a wrong cake so I was insisting he pick it out.

It takes a long time to break old habits.

But camping was fantastic with my BFF and very much needed. I got to play with fire…ending up burning my finger tips a little, but it was worth it. I got that fire so hot it didn’t go out in the rain!


I got home yesterday and managed to do my laundry, eat some cake, hang out with my parents. It was the perfect weekend. And now I am tired and needing another weekend to recover. Alas, time to get some work done.


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