“For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.”

I have been binge watching Hulu. I have caught up with all the current shows (most of the current shows). And have also started watching shows I have been tempted to watch, but they aren’t on Netflix and I don’t want to buy the seasons because I am unsure if I will like it or not.

Case in point: Elementary.


I am enjoying the show. But I am glad I haven’t bought the seasons. It’s good, but I haven’t gone down the rabbit hole of obsessions. Not like when I caught up on New Girl. But still, I am enjoying it.

It has officially been a month now since I started Hulu. Or I assume it’s been a month because I have been charged for it. I have decided I am going to keep it. It gives me a break from things on Netflix and more shows and movies to obsess over and binge watch. Plus I still haven’t re-watched Misfits.

So many things to watch….so little time.

I really hope my ear stops being all messed up. Sterling silver, my ass. It’s annoying to have an itchy, slightly swollen ear. I went to the doctors a few years ago when this happened because I was afraid it was infected, but nope…just allergic to some metals, including nickle. Fun times…I did get some benadryl last night. I am hoping that helps. So far it’s a little better, but not completely.

At least tomorrow is Friday. The weekend is so close I can almost taste it! I will need to go and get some supplies for backpacking with Jess next weekend. Agh! I am so excited about backpacking! It’ll be fun and an adventure!


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