“Victims; aren’t we all?”

I am not feeling work today. I just want to be lazy, but alas…I have to adult. But, good news! My ear is not swollen any more. It doesn’t itch, but it still has some issues. I am so glad it is getting better. Now if I can only sleep through the night without wake up wide awake once or twice throughout the night.

I’m in the mood to watch Veep. I may have to borrow season one from my mom soon.


I thought of this quote last night when I was using my treadmill. It was cut short when my dad called. My Uncle Lou left this morning, so I went over to the parents last night to give him a hug good-bye. Then I figured since I was out and about, I would go to stupid David’s Bridal for a stupid bridesmaid dress.


I bought one last night. It was the best out of the ones I tried on. And that is not saying much. But, I can finally cross that off my to-do list. The wedding is two weeks from Sunday. Gotta love waiting til the last minute on things. Thankfully it was on sale so it wasn’t too bad.

I hate weddings.



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