Just Believe

Things I am sick and tired of:

Not sleeping well

Feeling tired

I don’t know why I made a list. It’s basically just feeling tired, which makes me feel sadness. It’s stupid.


I just need a couple good nights rest as well as a good faery tale. I can feel make believe characters in the back of my head squirming. They want me to write. But this bone deep feeling of tiredness/sadness is keeping me from really hearing them. So they are just constant whispers.

Writing this makes me feel like a crazy person talking about the voices inside my head.

I just need to sleep. And to write. Writing always helps. But Gregory won’t let me write. Every time I hold a pen or sit in front of the computer with a blank word document open, nothing happens. Gregory is a jerk.

Maybe I need some The 10th Kingdom in my life.


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