“He made an obscene gesture. I don’t care if he’s dead. There’s no excuse for rudeness.”

I have come to the conclusion that I would much rather be tired from sleeping a good six hours instead of fighting sleep for eight hours. We’ll see how it goes tonight. I am going skating after work. Maybe that will tire me out enough for me to sleep decently.

Not sleeping opens the mind up though. To all this depressing shit. Which makes me even more tired. It’s a vicious circle.

Sometimes I wish I could ask for help. Sometimes I wish I could express my emotions with more than a shrug and a bad joke.


For days like these, it’s best to watch Misfits. I spent Saturday binge watching this show. I may need to restart the downward spiral. Until then, I started watching Biten on Netflix. It took a bit, but now I seem to be enjoying it.

I am so very thrilled for the three day weekend coming up. Just today and tomorrow to get through and it is game on. Or should I say hiking on! I am excited to be in the mountains all weekend. It is going to be a great time with my BFF. Just what the figurative doctor ordered!


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