Things to Do

I actually slept last night! That makes me happy!

But now I am thinking of all the things I need to do tonight and before Sunday. Blah. One of those things is wash my windows in my car. I hate adulting sometimes. Why can’t like be like the bloopers of a Supernatural episode?


So I started Stargate SG1 on Hulu the other day. I needed a little break from Bitten. I was two episodes into season three on Netflix and was like, damn girl, slow the frak down! So now on the another show. I should actually finish the shows I watch. I realized over the weekend I stopped watching Prison Break and had about 5 or so episodes left. Seriously, I have an issue with endings of shows. Granted, Bitten hasn’t ended (I believe). I just have to wait until the new season starts back up.

Maybe I will go find a cheap tutu after work. I want to put it on under the bridesmaid dress I have to wear this Sunday. Ugh. Weddings are not my favorite place to be. Especially when the only person I know is the bride. Even more so when she tells me there could be a world of family drama going down. It makes me want to stay inside and binge watch TV shows.


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