What the hell is Wrong with People?

I survived this weekend…barely. But I survived.


I am still recovering from this weekend. I’m sure I would be a lot better today, however, last night I was startled awake at one in the morning by my brother’s ex-girlfriend banging on his window outside and screaming at him to come outside. Needless to say, I img_20160607_033728.jpgdid not get back to sleep until about 4. Every little sound would make me sit up and look around in case she came back. Including this jerk snoring in my bowl chair.

So I am slowly making may way through this day and daydreaming about getting home and into comfy clothes and being lazy. Well, I still need to do my work out tonight since I didn’t get up and do it this morning.

Yesterday after work,  I made a turkey burger and tater tots. It was delicious and I definitely needed a work out after that!


Look at that beautiful meal right there! That is what I call living!


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