“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”

Finally Friday! Now just to make it through work and then a three day weekend for me! I found out yesterday my brother and his family will be arriving tonight. PJ has tomorrow off so that’s awesome! I think we may go swimming in the neighborhood pool tomorrow. Although, I will have to go get the rest of the supplies for my dad’s surprise party on Sunday. As well as cleaning the upstairs. I’ll probably start on that tonight since people are arriving tonight.

I only have two sets of sheets for my bed. Polka dot sheets that I think I bought when I was going to Pellissippi State Tech. Community College. And Nightmare Before Christmas sheets. The polka dots are currently on my bed. Meaning if I don’t go buy new sheets, my aunt and uncle will be sleeping on my Nightmare sheets. I was going to get sheets, but now I think this is better. I gave a “grown up” comforter so it’s a good medium.

I need to start a to-do list before I go crazy.

And hope that everything goes smoothly tomorrow night. I have two aunts wanting my attention. But it will all be okay. And then dad’s surprise party which he still (I believe) has no idea about!

All these things I have to do. All these people around. Makes me want to go home and sleep all weekend. But it will be a blast! I am excited.


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