Surprise Party

My dad turns 65 in a couple weeks. And mom has thrown the best surprise birthday party ever for him. One of his best friends came down from New York as well as his first son. His face was priceless. He was so shocked and was so happy. I am so proud and happy to be able to share this day with him. I was supposed to be staying the night at the cabin with everyone tonight, but am back at home hanging out with my aunt and uncle from Florida. Tomorrow, after they leave, I will be heading back up to the state park to hang out with my parents and other aunts and uncles. My oldest brother and his two kids are here at the house as well with PJ who I live with.


It was a perfect day with friends and family.

I cannot wait to go back up tomorrow and spend the day with them.

I love my dad. He deserves all the good things in life and today was just perfect. When he saw Ed and he saw Chuckie…he just lost it and then everyone else that joined today.




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