I Hate Horses

The last of my family has left as of this morning. Last night Mom brought up some pictures to look at with Colleen. Most of them from before us kids were born. But there were a few random pictures. Like with me on top of this stupid horse. Ugh.20160614_201115.jpg

I am very excited to get home tonight and get into my pajamas and do nothing. It is going to be wonderful!

Another picture I came across was of my sister’s step kids and my brother and I. Three of the four people in this photo have kids. One of them just had their second kid couple days ago. How insane is that? Look how young we all were!

I am so freaking tired today. All I want to do is take a nap, but there is plenty to do and still lots of hours have to pass before I get the opportunity to get into comfy clothes and be lazy. But I can make it!

I am so excited about this weekend and my lack of plans. Other than seeing a movie or two in theater and making chicken nachos for dinner Friday night, there is nothing going on. It is going to be wonderful.


Yesterday at lunch I received a picture from one of my best friends and it was of my dad and his friend Ed. Did they run into each other while they were out and about? Nope. They made plans to all go play pickle ball…without me. While I am stuck at work, these bundles of sunshine go hang out without me. I kinda love it! And then they came over for dinner last night before Ed and Colleen left this morning to go home. I have the best friends ever.


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