I didn’t sleep 10 hours last night like Wednesday night, but I still slept a good 8 hours! I think The 10th Kingdom had something to do with it. After all these years, that movie still makes me happy. And it shall continue to do so until the day I die. My only issue with last night is that I woke up from a super creepy dream. Now, in the light of day, I can barely remember it. But I remember the feeling of being unsettled before getting jolted awake and looking around for any dangers lurking in the corner.

There was only my cat.

20015This morning after I turned on Hulu after working out, I noticed a new episode of Bones. Can you say: YAY! Cause I sure did this morning. And damned if it wasn’t a good episode. Funny and endearing and absolutely wonderful. Bones made a comment about liking people act like imbeciles. It made me giggle.

My favorite character is still Hodgens and Angela. Although I miss Sweets, I have fallen for Aubry.


There are about three more episodes of this show left in this season. It’s weird that it is going on so late. I think they had a long break earlier in the season. Oh well, something for me to look forward to!


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