I’m Not Angry. This is Just my Face.

Sometimes I wonder who I am. In a swarm of faces and personalities, I sometimes feel lost. When I was younger, I was told I was a chameleon who could fit into whatever surrounding I found myself. Now that I am older, I still find myself changing to fit the mood/personality/etc. of whoever I am around. It is only when I am comfortable in my own skin do I feel like I am finally being myself.


Maybe I just need a few days to recharge. After the past couple weekends of weddings and surprise birthday parties…definitely need to recharge. Sleeping ten hours Wednesday night and eight hours Thursday night has helped. With a little help from The 10th Kingdom.

At least it is now the weekend and I can spend a couple days away from work. Weekends are made for camping, hiking, movies, and recharging.


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