“I aim to misbehave.”

I need a good book to get lost in. I need a lot of things really. For example, I’d love for it not to be Monday morning.

This past weekend was wonderful. I was lazy and went to two movies in the theater. Now You See Me 2 and Central Intelligence. I was going to see Finding Dory, but the theater was packed, so I changed my mind at the last minute. I saw a sign where it said all showings are $5 on Tuesdays, so I may go see Dory tomorrow night after hanging out with my friends.

I really need to get back into eating better and working out. Blah. It is a lot of work and it sucks. I really need to be better about getting in the fruits and protein. I have been slacking. So starting today, I am back at it! Until this weekend when I will be camping…and then all bets are off! I bought a tent online last week. I am really hoping it arrives this week before I leave Friday after work. It’s sad I’m retiring my tent. It was a good tent and lasted 11 years (12 if you count this year). I got it for my High School graduation gift. But last camping trip with my dad in August has left it a little worn and broken.


I have put some random music on an USB drive to listen to in my car. Yesterday after the movie Waiting for the Aliens came on and I was flooded with memories of riding in the car singing this song. Memories are wonderful. They may be sad, but they still are wonderful and a blessing. You see long lost faces.

Anyways…time to get this day over with.


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