I super believe in Tad Cooper

I’ve been binge watching Stargate SG1 for the past…couple weeks? Today I get to work and decide I need a little change and start Galavant season 2 that is on Hulu. I just finished it. It’s only ten episodes. Not long enough. And now there may not be a season three. Probably won’t be a season three.


So now I’m all slightly down from lack of the Galavant gang. But at least I have the Stargate to keep me company.

Tonight I am seeing Independence Day 2! And I want to take dad to see the new Tarzan movie this weekend! So many good things to see and do and not enough time or money. At least I am writing again. It is a slow and painful process. But it is happening!

Anyhow. Back to adulting stuffs.



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