Free Pie Wednesday…again!

How is it July already? How is it Wednesday already? Oh damn. This episode of Stargate SG1. I have realized I don’t have feelings for real people because I use them all up with fictional characters.


I just have to make it through today. I am meeting my friends at O’Charley’s for free pie Wednesdays! I have been craving that for a while now. I was thinking about seeing a movie at the cheap theater after, depending on time, but I will probably just go home and finish up SG1. Since I am half way through season 10 now. When the hell did ten seasons go by so fast?

Tomorrow I am taking my mom to a baseball game before they leave me for a week. Of course, I leave for the weekend Friday. So just one more day of work to get through after today! Three day weekend following a three day weekend! Life is good. This past weekend was great. I went to the zoo with friends, saw The Legend of Tarzan, and was both lazy and active. It was fan-freaking-tastic.


Seriously. Go see this movie. It is so pretty. I was pretty impressed with how pretty it was.


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