Netflix and Life

I may need help. Seriously. Lots of help. Now that I am just catching up on shows on Netflix, I am going through shows like candy. I finished SG1. Then 12 monkeys, which if you haven’t watched…watch! Finished up season three of  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. earlier today and am now watching the last season of Grey’s Anatomy.


Seriously. Damn all the shows. I both loved and hated S.H.I.E.L.D. Of course Grey’s started off wonderful. Damn it. And the music this season, I am love with.

What will happen when I run out of shows? *laughs* That is funny. I will never run out of shows thanks to Netflix and Hulu. I still have the rest of Stargate shows to go through. And not to mention all the other shows. Plus all the shows I want to re-watch. Like Nikita.


It’s way past official. Fictional characters have ruined me. Between Birkhoff, Fitz, Cole, and the countless others…I am officially obsessed. These streaming platforms has made it easier for me to become obsessed. And then there is Pinterest. I remember when I printed off pictures and made scrap books of my obsessions. The interweb has made it so much easier to watch, look, and obsess over whatever your heart desires at the moment at hand. And then you can meet all the other people who are passionate about the things you are. You can talk to other people who do not look at you like you are crazy when you start talking a mile a minute why Supernatural is the best show ever and then begin to excitedly explain what makes all the actors on that show inspiring and fantastic human beings.

And then people ask me why I’m not playing Pokemon Go….I don’t need another thing in my life to obsess over.


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