I woke up in a horrible mood. I hate it when everything hurts, but it’s not my body. It’s my soul. Body pain I can deal with. It’s something I can wrap my head around. I hate it when I get this way. It’s frustrating and tiring.

So I read articles to pass the time. Articles like 25 Struggles Only INTJs Will Understand.

2. When someone tries to change the plan at the last minute, not understanding that you now have to re-construct the entire day (and all the corresponding scenarios you might encounter throughout it) mentally – which takes much more time than you’re being given.

It hits close to home. I am so tired today. And now I am feeling reckless because of it. Which is never a good thing. I want to go do something crazy. I won’t. Well, that I haven’t already planned. I am dying my hair tomorrow. Finally getting to do something different!

25. The constant desire to give up on the external world altogether and become a hermit – but the corresponding understanding that as a hermit, you would be unlikely to get anything meaningful done. And so, life as you know it goes on.

So I am stuck in a loop at the moment. Lovely. It’s the loop of not caring and caring too much. About everything all at once.



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